7 Habits of MENTORready Entrepreneurs

Sat, Jun 16, 2012

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I love success stories – they highlight what’s possible for all entrepreneurs – but typically only a small portion are implementing effectively.  What’s the secret of these successful entrepreneurs – they usually have better habits.

This past Wednesday, I met Edith Leaver Founder Sunny McGaw.  We connected over LinkedIn the week prior – I usually don’t accept connection requests unless we’ve met – but I sensed she was special and I was right!  In our follow up emails, she mentioned two very sought-after advisors she had recruited to her board (who I happened to know) – I insisted that we meet.

Sunny should be the poster-girl for ventureLAB’s Build Program - she’s taking full advantage of the training and mentorship they offer.  Here are 7 of the Habits Sunny practices when meeting with prospective mentors:

  1. Appear (and BE) Coachable – no one wants to share their wisdom with someone who already thinks they know it all – the reason you’re meeting with a mentor is because they’ve achieved something that you’d like to
  2. Practice Good Meeting Etiquette – ever wondered if the person across the table, playing with their pda is really paying attention – bring a pen and paper to take notes – or if you must, ask permission to take notes on your mobile device
  3. Get to Know Them as a Person and Be Genuine – do your research and find out what interests they have outside of their business (charity, sports, alma mater) – this helps in building great rapport
  4. Ask how much time you have – there’s nothing worse than spending 25 minutes on small talk, only to find out that the mentor has booked you in for half-an-hour
  5. Draft an agenda – with #4 in mind, plan your meeting and meet your plan – write out the most important questions based on the mentors expertise and focus on that first
  6. Recap at the end of the meeting – highlight what you learned and are going to take action on – one of the key reasons mentors give their time is to provide value to other entrepreneurs following in their footsteps – this is how you show them that meeting with you was a good investment
  7. Send a follow-up note and next steps within 24 hours – the time for action is NOW while it is still fresh in both of your minds – a quick note is a great reminder of what you both committed to (sharing resources, connections, ect)


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  1. Sunny McGaw says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jeremy – you are a great inspiration to Entrepreneurship. Keep up the great work.

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