How do I provide value to my mentor?


After much searching, you’ve met with an incredible individual who inspires you with their wisdom, achievements and who they are as a person. They are invested in your success and are excited to help you on your journey to attain your dreams. So now what? How do you keep this incredible person engaged in a meaningful relationship? One important way is to: BE OF SERVICE AND INSPIRATION.

Here’s four ways how:

1. Forward them high quality content

This could be anything from an interesting article from Forbes to an event you think they’d love to attend.

2. Make referrals

If they are a public speaker, perhaps you can refer their name to conference organizers. If they are consultants, are looking for clients and someone in your network is looking for expertise they can offer, make a connection.

3. Engage them through Social Media

Share relevant content with them, retweet any content they create and you find inspiring, mention them in a tweet simply to express your gratitude for their time and support, make introductions with another person in your work who you think would be of value to them and share any statements/advice they give you which you find powerful (as long as you get their permission).

4. Provide them with new ideas and perspectives

Read lots of books and articles, attend events on topics of interest and engage with interesting people so that you can provide a unique view to the conversations you have with your mentors.

Remember, you have as much to offer mentors, as they have to you.


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