MENTORup users: How to create an effective mentoring request on MENTORup

Tue, Nov 12, 2013



The MENTORnetwork team has taken a look at the mentoring requests that our community has put forth and has compiled feedback on how mentees on our MENTORup platform can increase the successes of getting a “yes” on their mentoring requests. Here’s are our thoughts:

1. Mentoring Objective

Write an objective that is specific and articulates the outcome you wish to accomplish through your mentoring request. Remember, mentors don’t want to teach the basics, but want to give feedback and share experience. If you’re looking for the basics of something, it is a good opportunity for you to hire a coach or take a course.

Tepid: Learn social media.

Effective: Execute a social media campaign to increase product sales

2. Summary (what you’re looking for in a mentor)

Be as specific as you can in what you’re looking for in a mentor.

Tepid: Help me achieve my business goals.

Effective: “I am looking for a mentor who has worked in sales in the telecommunications industry, generating over $100K in sales per annum”.

3. Goals

Create SMART goals: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-Based.

Tepid:  Increase product sales. 

Effective: Learn 3 tactics I can employ to help increase my product sales by 10% in 3 months. 

Hope these are helpful! Let us know if they make a difference for you.

Finally, if you want help with any other part of your mentoring request, please post in the comments section below and we’ll provide further feedback.


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