“I believe in you, just do it” – Susheela’s mentorship story

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In the spirit of highlighting Module 1 of CYBF’s Mentorship Crash Course which speaks to the value of mentorship, I thought I would share one of my mentorship stories.

In March 2009 I  organized a conference at my University about Social Justice & Entrepreneurship where Dev Aujla was our keynote. On the day of the conference, I found myself sitting beside Dev who asked me what I was up to.

I shared an idea I had:

In order to create true, sustainable change, we need to have a more engaged citizenry that would ensure our politics fostered a socially and environmentally just world. Perhaps there should be a high school education program to create more politically engaged, enlightened citizens.

After sharing my idea, Dev looked at me for a moment and said, “That’s an awesome idea ….Why don’t you build it?”. In my head I responded “WHAT! Me?! I’m just a university student… What do I know?”. He offered to support me and provide help. Since I didn’t have plans for the summer yet, he encouraged me to spend my summer working on it.

I was taken aback that someone who was as accomplished and busy as he was would offer his time and support (yeah I really undervalued myself at the time). So I agreed to dive in since I did NOT want to pass up an opportunity to work with him and I thought to myself, “If he believes in me and is willing to spend his time to help me, then there MUST be something of value in my idea”.

Little did I know the IMPACT this choice would make in my life. Though I chose to pass the torch on this endeavour after 2 years, it was through the connections, encouragement and support he gave me to pursue this project that I met my closest friends; made a MASSIVE and powerful network; engaged in several interesting opportunities; learned A TON about myself; started owning my gifts; built my sense of self-confidence and self-worth; and so much more. 

I am who I am today (fulfilled and living my dreams), thanks to Dev and all my mentors. I owe so much of my success to their wisdom, generousity and belief in me.

I hope my story has inspired YOU to find a mentor who will believe in you and champion the achievement of YOUR dreams.  




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