How to communicate with your mentor

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Today we explore how to communicate with your mentor, which is one of the components discussed in Module 2 of CYBF’s FREE Mentorship Crash Course: What can I expect?.

There are three main areas outlined to focus on:

1. Regular communication

“Meet face-to-face at least once a month with your mentor to keep the momentum in the mentoring relationship.”

One point we’d like to add to this conversation is the distinction between a formal and informal mentoring relationship. A formal mentoring relationship involves having set of agreements regarding the formats and frequency of communication between the mentor and mentee.  The request of meeting face-to-face at least once a month with your mentor is characteristic of a formal mentoring request. Informal mentoring relationships are more organic and “in the moment”; there’s generally an absence of agreements regarding the frequency and formats of communication. Meeting requests and communication occur upon the initiation of mentees.

2. Between meetings

“Update your mentor on the progress you are making towards your goals using communication methods you agree on .”

3. When challenges arise

“Reach out and keep communicating!

Having a mentor as part of your support network and communicating with them is critical when you get stuck.

DO: Ask for 15 minutes to speak with your mentor over the phone. Give them a high-level overview of what you’re dealing with.

DON’T: Spill all of your anxieties into an  e-mail with limited context.”

Before connecting with your mentor, take some time to reflect on what you want to share and ask them. Also, be sure to take some time to ground yourself so that you don’t get swept away by the emotional charge of the situation when you’re communicating with them.

We LOVE CYBF’s Mentorship Crash Course and will be reviewing its content for the rest of this month’s blog posts.

Watch out for Thursday’s blog post on the stages of a mentoring relationship, also in Module 2 of CYBF’s Mentorship Crash Course.

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