How to build CONNECTION: A necessity to building community


In order for any mentoring relationship and community to work, its managers and members MUST know how to build a feeling of connection with one another.

Connection occurs when people feel they can trust somebody and share a common story such that they are inspired to be part of each other’s lives and be a stand for the other person’s success and happiness.

So how does one build connection? We have four tips to get you started, with some help from our friend Bobby Umar of Raeallan:

1. Be authentic

Express who you are in your speaking, actions and body language, while honouring the norms of communication you are engaging in (e.g. personal sphere vs. professional sphere) and staying respectful.

2. Communicate

i) Listen

Listen to the other person as if their words are GOLD. Catch on to every word as though your life depended on it.

Follow up. Dive deeper. Expand on what they’re talking about.

ii) Speak

Say more than what you want to say and get below the surface.

Say what and then answer so what? for everything you communicate.

iii) Ask questions

Get beyond the surface and get interested.

iv) Don’t make assumptions

Always assume the best in people, they’ll often surprise you.

v) Take risks

Be the first to say or do something that you know could take your relationship to the next level (i.e. express how they’ve positively impacted your life or put forth a mentoring request).

3. Care

“We have something in common with every other person. We need to just find the one before the many.”

Be genuinely interested in the other person. You never know how something you say or do or they say or do can impact each other.

4. Be service-minded

Continually ask the question, how can I create value for this person?

When you’re in a mentoring relationship recognize that your mentor receives energy from knowing they’re making a difference in your life and this is a BENEFIT to them. You can energize your mentor by being coachable and being prepared for your meetings. You can also be of service by connecting your mentors to opportunities, people and resources that may interest them.

Do you have any additional tips for creating connection? 

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