ventureLAB Mentor of the Month: Vince Bulbrook

Mon, Oct 6, 2014


What inspires you? 

People who truly want to make a difference and aren’t just driven to make money.  These people are the ones that are trying to build things of value and want many people to benefit.  I am also impressed by people who truly care about the problems of others and don’t just go through the motions because they think it will cast them in a good light.  I will make all of the time in the world for people like this.

Why do you mentor? 

I didn’t have a lot of mentors in my career and could probably have benefited if I had.  Many of the lessons I have learned have been through trial and error.  While a certain element of that never goes away there is a benefit in getting things started in the right direction.  I also learn a lot from mentoring that I can use in my own life and to mentor others in the future.

How have mentors played a role in your career? 

I have only had one or two mentors in my career but they were very valuable.  They were able to look at my situation in an objective way and ask questions that I hadn’t thought of or that I was purposely avoiding.  We can often fool ourselves into thinking we are right by ignoring evidence to the contrary.  It was also important that these individuals wanted to be mentors and cared about my future success.

What achievement are you most proud of professionally?

I believe I have become a well-rounded advisor for entrepreneurs.  I started out in accounting but have worked hard to expand my ability to assist entrepreneurs with all aspects of their business.  By working with a broad range of organizations I have learned as much from them as they have from me.  I have learned to listen and to get a feel for when I am needed and when people need to try things on their own.  Knowing this balance between direction and support is crucial in mentoring.

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  1. John Torres says:

    Hi Vince, I have an idea in helping thise who are depressed and suicidal but I do mot know how to get it started. I was hoping you could help me work out my goals and show me the ropes. It is a burning passion of mine that I would like to succeed in. Maybe we can meet for coffee and chat a bit?

    Thank you for your time.

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