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Sat, Nov 21, 2015

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Placing a punctuation at the end of another invigorating Global Entrepreneurship Week! I’ve never felt more like a Culture of Entrepreneurship has arrived in Canada:) Here’s a summary of where we were and who we were with this week:

Enterprise Toronto Mentor Appreciation Lunch with Councillor Michael Thompson
MENTORready with Venture For Canada Fellows @ OCE
Seneca HELIX Group Mentoring
GEW Ecosystem Panel @ Seneca College
Taught two new Entrepreneurship & Innovation classes at Seneca that didn’t exist last year
Enactus Seneca Project Proposal Meeting – seeing students ingenuity and commitment to making a difference puts a HUGE smile on my face:))))

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    Good evening Jeremy, my name is Ryland Jacques. I have plenty of business ideas and I’m sick of bouncing them off people who don’t know anything about business, so I thought maybe you could help me out. What types of programs or meetings could I possibly get involved with? Any sort of information would be helpful.

    Thanks for your time! Hopefully I hear back from you

    best regards,
    Ryland Jacques

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