Whether you are creating a new program, have a program that needs refreshing, want to accomplish this face to face or digitally, we have the expertise and know how to guide you to the right solutions for you.  Our team works to understand your challenges and needs, bring best practise to the table and offer solutions that fit your situation.

Our MENTORup digital communities, powered by LaunchSpot, can provide you with an online mentor-matching and community management platform. MENTORup is a simple, innovative and effective solution for entrepreneurship programs seeking to provide greater access and connectivity between their volunteer mentors and their members.  This scalable solution can be tailored to the resources you have on hand, and coupled with our mentor and mentee training options are a recipe for success.

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Mentoring is the most powerful when all participants understand its capabilities, and clearly define and manage their own goals and expectations. MENTORready is a series of streamlined orientation workshops that teach entrepreneurs, students and professionals how to most effectively engage in mentoring relationships. Delivered in-person, online or through self-review modules, these workshops set the stage for rich and rewarding mentoring relationships, the only kind that will generate rich results.

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Learning curves are steep but true success in mentoring can be both swift and mutually beneficial. A speed-mentoring event that connects communities through multiple face-to-face encounters, MENTORmove mobilizes new networks of mentors and accelerates the connection process for mentees.

Or harness the wisdom of your more seasoned mentors through MENTORmastermind sessions that allow mentors and mentees to share their experiences, and mentor one another.  These sessions allow mentors and mentees to become members of a shared community of interest in helping others, and learning from one another.

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