“It has been our pleasure to work with Jeremy O’Krafka and MENTORnetwork in supporting young entrepreneurs to understand the value of a mentor in their journey toward start up success. Jeremy has delivered a perspective that encompasses his knowledge of mentoring both from the mentor point of view, as well as understanding the lens of the young entrepreneur.  This contribution has added to CYBF’s mentoring program and fully aligns with our belief in mentoring as a fundamental and foundational tool in a young entrepreneur’s toolkit.”

- Tessa Mintz, Vice President of Volunteers and Programs at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation

“Georgian College has two, new entrepreneurship programs for its students. We recognize that to be successful as an entrepreneur, and for us, to be successful in delivering entrepreneurship education, students need strong mentors.  Jeremy has been VERY supportive of our efforts to incorporate a robust mentoring component into our programs.  Jeremy has partnered with the College to enable our students to access the highly-qualified mentors participating in MENTORup. Georgian has encouraged approximately 15 mentors from our advisors/sponsors/community members to enroll of mentors.  We have approximately the same number of students registered in the MENTORup system as mentees.  Comments we have received include:

  • “We have found the system to be very user friendly.”
  • “It is a great way for us as students to reach out to mentors beyond those they meet in our classrooms. “

We look forward to continuing our partnership with MENTORup.”

- Gary Boydell, Program Coordinator at Georgian College

“MENTORnetwork worked with our Young Professionals Group to launch a mentorship program.  Through MENTORready workshops they helped participants to develop a succinct business profile and learn how to get the most out of meeting with mentors and advisors.  MENTORnetwork also helped us launch a Speed Mentoring Event in our community that brought together 40 young professionals & entrepreneurs with 40 business leaders from the region to introduce them to a broad range of mentors and to obtain valuable business advice and connections.

MENTORnetwork’s experience, advice and professionalism allowed us to introduce a mentorship program in less time and using less resource than we would have been able to achieve on our own.   The program was tailored to our needs and the outcomes of the program surpassed our expectations.”

- Tracy Walter, Business Development Manager at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

“Giving  Jeremy full responsibility for being essentially the first face of ventureLAB by running our BUILD orientation sessions is perhaps the greatest compliment l could give him and demonstrates our entire organization’s belief in his expertise and capability.”

- Jeremy Laurin, CEO of ventureLAB

“Jeremy is a real leader in the area of mentoring processes and networking. Through first-hand experience he has developed meaningful tools and guidelines that enhance the mentoring experience in both directions. We plan to continue working with Jeremy to build our e-ship mentoring program at Laurier.”

- Steve Farlow, Executive Director of the Schlegel Centre of Entrepreneurship at Wilfrid Laurier University

“Jeremy is incredibly passionate about the benefits of mentoring and was determined to give it a place at Discovery.  I don’t think either of us realized when we first met the impact his proposal would have. Jeremy’s collaborative nature and flexibility around his original idea morphed into an event that was the highlight of 2012 and earned him a Guiness Book of World Records title.”

- Catharine Ogilvie, Events Manager at the Ontario Centres of Excellence

“(Jeremy) ran a gr8 session for EO Toronto – always fun having 20 ADHD entrepreneurs to manage – well done”

- Jaret Henhoeffer, CEO of Penguin Power

“Jeremy’s MENTORready workshop is filled with valuable information for entrepreneurs and as he candidly outlines his strategic approach to mentorship by sharing real-life experiences, both personal successes and challenges. Jeremy’s insight into why and how to strategically approach mentors, how to interact with them, and how to maximize value from these relationships is extremely well communicated and applicable to his audience. I highly recommend Jeremy’s MENTORready workshop to all entrepreneurs who are attempting to grow their businesses.”

- Jory Cohen, Managing Director of the Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund

“As the Chair of JCI’s Canada’s 2011 National Convention, Jeremy demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities – coordinating a large team of volunteers and managing a complex 3-day event for young entrepreneurs and professionals from across Canada.”  

- Francois Begin,  National President of JCI Canada

“I’ve worked with Jeremy O’Krafka for over 10 years on conferences and publications that he has produced.

Jeremy is a leader, he has consistently given the projects he works on well over the 100% expected. His ability to connect and build the relationships necessary for success are outstanding. Jeremy is results driven. He understands people and knows how to get the best from them.

Jeremy is a well-connected community builder that gets results. I’m happy to work with him. “

- Donna Messer , Owner of ConnectUS Canada & Canada’s “Queen of Networking”


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