Student Competitions are Opportunities to Meet Mentors

Fri, Mar 2, 2012

How to Find a Mentor

Tonight as I judged Laurier Entrepreneurship Competition – I was struck not only by the entrepreneurial talent of the competitors, but also by the pedigree of the judging panel:

  • Colleen Moorehead – Founder of E*Trade and Chief Client Officer at Osler
  • Ted Hastings – President at Cyberplex
  • Marc de Grave – Embedded Executive and VP Business Development at Protect-a-Bed
  • and Me (to be honest, I felt a bit out of my league)

What I became very present to though was the incredible opportunity this was for the students competing.   They wow’d us with their presentations – then had them challenged by us – and then had their chance to follow up.  It’s probably not surprising that the top two competitors also did the best job at this last step.  Each of them reintroduced themselves, thanked us and asked for additional feedback.  And we all committed to help them.

My friend Vincent, who recently slew the Dragons in the Den with his company Shape Collage, is the best example I can think of for this.  I remember after judging his presentation at the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award Competition a few years ago, he followed up with myself and a number of the other judges to help him tighten up his presentation.  He went on to win over $50,000 in competition prize money that year – which will make sense when you look at his results.

So whether you’re a student or not – the principal of this is to take full advantage of the stage your given – and follow up with that person who can help you master your pitch!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Some great competitions for students happening @ OCE’s Discovery Conference: http://www.ocediscovery.com/competitions2012.aspx

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