Ontario Entrepreneur Mentors Project (OEMP)

Are you and Entrepreneur in Ontario looking for a mentor? I want to help.

As part of an event I’m producing for the Ontario Centres of Excellence, I’m mapping out and getting connected with all of the entrepreneur mentorship programs in Ontario. This morning as I was challenging myself to really make this a meaningful exercise – it struck me that I should apply this new roadmap, to help to make some mentorship connections along the way.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Join MENTORnetwork’s LinkedIN Group
  2. Start a Discussion – Include OEMP and your City in the Title (ie OEMP Guelph)
  3. Click “Attach a Link” and put in your website (hey we all need to promote a little bit:)
  4. In the “Add more details…” box write:
    1. Description: Provide a short description (two or three sentences) about your business (include your sector) and what makes you unique (i.e. vision and mission)
    2. Challenges: What are the three (3) most pressing issues you face (bullet points – i.e. sales, financing, hr, getting started)
  5. I will reach out to my network to research the best aligned programs, events and organizations for you to connect with and will post links in the comments section
  6. My network will make recommendations to support you
  7. You’ll provide feedback in the comments section on which mentorship path(s) you are interested in pursuing
  8. I’ll make one (1) email/LinkedIN introduction to a program organizer/prospective mentor
  9. You’ll share the outcome in the comments section
  10. BE SUCCESSFUL and share your mentorship story – this was all for not if it doesn’t help you grow your business!


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