When Mentorship Works: A MENTORup Success Story


Shared and written by: Doug Crann of Workplace Safety Revolution


As an entrepreneur one of the hardest things to do is to admit that you need help, or that you can’t do it all on your own.  Being a father and having experience in various leadership roles in the past helped develop my understanding of how important mentoring is to personal success.

When Jeremy first mentioned to me he was starting MENTORup, the idea intrigued me right away and I asked to be on the initial list of invitations to join.  I was in the start up phase of a new business and was struggling with perspective and growth planning.  I knew the answers were out there, all I had to do was find someone who had done it before and hear their story.

The day I first logged into MENTORup, I was impressed with the ease of functionality and how simple it was to complete my profile. Now, I thought, comes the hard part. Finding a match that would be able to zero in on my mentoring needs and someone willing to make time for me on my schedule.  Surprisingly I had four “matches” right away after completing the registration process and quickly reached out to the one I felt could offer the most effective coaching based on experience and their own personal goals.

Incredibly, within 48 hours I was actually speaking with a possible mentor and we agreed quickly that there was something to gain on both sides by committing to a face to face meeting.  At our initial meeting there was a mutual respect developing right out of the gate and as we got to know each others backgrounds and strengths, it became apparent that this was going to be an effective and enjoyable mentoring experience.

Since that first meeting we have been sharing ideas and suggestions for growth and I feel much more confident now that I have a sounding board for new ideas who is not afraid to tell me what they really think.  This experience and the MENTORup site has helped me become a stronger competitor and a more disciplined decision maker, qualities I know are essential to my continued success.  I highly recommend every entrepreneur to create a profile on MENTORup and take the leap to connecting with a possible mentor who can steer you away from muddy waters and push you to reach your true potential.

Thank you Jeremy and the MENTORup team!


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