Mentor match made in heaven

This is our last post of 2013 and we thought we would celebrate the success of a MENTORup community member to end the year. Meet Shiv Kamal, the Business Development Manager for Push Science and hear his MENTORup success story:

I am a young professional who is the Business Development Manager at Push Science. Push Science is a software company that builds customer management solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our software addresses the customer touch point challenges faced by telecoms today, and helps them retain and acquire new customers while improving loyalty.

Traditionally, Push Science’s roots lie in the retail space. As we switched our market to telecommunications, I knew I was in need of guidance from professionals who could help me navigate through this industry.

To seek guidance on lead generation and business development in the telecom industry, I used MENTORup, a like eHarmony platform connecting entrepreneurs to mentors, created and run by the MENTORnetwork. Using the “Find a Mentor” feature I was recommended two excellent mentors. The first, Scott Lower, M2M Solutions Specialist at Telus, and the second, Arun Shan, founder of WAYGoin.  Both mentors have been of tremendous help. Arun used his past experience to advise me about what it takes to dwell into large organizations. Scott has been instrumental in helping me provide connections and insight into the telecommunications industry. Both mentors offered an on-going mentoring relationship, and I have taken that offer up with one.

Overall, the MENTORup program has been phenomenal in connecting me with leaders who could provide me with the guidance I sought. The program is an excellent resource for young professionals seeking mentorship or experienced leaders looking to give back to others. I would highly recommend this program to all of my colleagues.

- Shiv Kamal, Business Development Manager at Push Science

 We thank all of our readers for being part of our mentorship conversation & wish you the best for the new year. See you in 2014!


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